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Huawei to Aliexpress

Huawei on Aliexpress - already well-known for its smartphones, the Chinese brand of electronics and mobile equipment.

According to BusinessWeek, Huawei is one of the most influential companies in the world and the top three phone distributors after Apple and Samsung.

The brand was founded in 1987 by a retired officer of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It was he who came up with the name, which in translation means "Chinese achievement". Very quickly, the brand won the markets of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the countries of the former CIS. Today the company is considered one of the leading providers of new solutions in the telecommunications field, and its revenues are estimated at billions of US dollars.

At the moment, hundreds of thousands of employees work at the plant's factories, most of them engaged in research and development activities. There are 4 research centers in the world, where searches and development of new technologies for the Huawei brand are conducted.

In the portfolio of the telecommunications company - various network equipment, mobile phones, terminals, specialized software. But the main brand of the brand is of course smartphones. Analysts say that it is the Huawei brand that competes with such flagship as Sumsung in the field of mobile devices.

Interestingly, competitors suspect Huawei of having links with the Chinese liberation army accusing it of espionage. However, then they are competitors to blacken someone else's reputation. And while ill-wishers are building their insidious plans, we suggest that you start buying a brand new smartphone or video recorder from the Huawei brand. Especially since recently the products of this brand can be found on the pages of Aliexpress. Find the right product will not be difficult - just set the necessary parameters in the search bar of Aliexpress.

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