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HP on Aliexpress

The world-famous company Hewlett-Packard is considered one of the world's largest producers and suppliers of hardware and software. According to experts, in the field of information technology and cybernetics, the brand practically does not have equally powerful competitors.

HP is a native California state in the United States. It's hard to believe, but the brand appeared already in 1939 as an enterprise for the production of measuring equipment. Its founders are graduates of Stanford University, electronic engineers William Hewlett and David Packard. It is interesting that when the question was asked whose name should be first in the title, the men decided it by lot. The right of primacy was won by Packard, but he gave the victory to his colleague in the shop.

The initial budget of the HP brand was only 538 dollars, and the first office they faithfully served as an old garage in the city of Pal-Alto. By the way in 2004 the garage was restored and equipped in a kind of museum of the history of HP. It was there that young engineers developed a low-frequency generator Model 200A, which was cheaper and more stable than a similar product of competitors. One of the first to become interested in the studio was Walt Disney, which then worked on the film "Fantasy."

By the 60th years, thousands of employees had worked in the company, and incomes were estimated at millions of dollars. In 1966, the brand released the world's first mini-computer, costing from 25 to 50 thousand dollars, and in 1968 - the world's first desktop programmable calculator. Since then, almost every year the engineer of the enterprise came up with more and more new developments in the field of cybernetics. So, in 1997 the company was awarded the Emmy Award for its contribution to MPEG video compression technology. Today, the company ranks 20th in the list of the largest US companies and 48th in the list of the best global brands.

In addition to numerous victories in the global electronics market, the company was also involved in several corruption scandals. So, in 2014 the company paid a fine of $ 108 million for bribery in the Russian Federation, Poland and Mexico.

In the modern line of Hewlett-Packard for Aliexpress you can buy - printers, scanners, copiers, calculators, smartphones, servers and, of course, computers for office and for home. In addition, the company provides services in the field of IT. And if the option of ordering a business service from HP on the website of AliExpress has not yet been invented, all the goods under this brand are fully represented. What is important, on Aliexpress it is easy to stumble and on a fake, so pay attention to the price - the goods from HP to Aliexpress are not cheap.

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