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Defender on AliExpress

Defender at Aliexpress is a Russian trademark operating in the segment of computer accessories and peripherals.

The history of the Russian brand originates in 1990. Then, the brand went to the market with popular for that period protective screens for monitors, supposedly saving from radiation. By the way it is the brand that owes its name, because Defender in English means "defender". Today, the range of the brand is represented by all kinds of accessories for mobile devices, headsets and headphones, acoustic systems, network filters, keyboards and much more.

Traditionally, trademark products are produced in East Asia and Western Europe. The product obtained here can be attributed rather to goods of a mass assortment that do not pretend to be exclusive. Its buyer Defender takes basically quality and colorful packaging.

The Corporation chose the way of popularization of new technologies and innovations, due to which it became democratic and affordable for consumers of different material wealth. And thanks to painstaking work with suppliers and competent positioning of their products, the brand is gradually coming to success in the market of the former CIS countries and entering the markets of its neighbors. Distribution points of the Defender trade mark operate in more than five hundred cities of Europe and the CIS.

The Aliexpress site took care of lovers of computer small things, concluding cooperation with the Defender brand. Under this brand name, you can find over six hundred different products on the Aliexpress, which, as the manufacturer assures, will make your life much more comfortable. Worth checking!

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