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Acer Aliexpress

Acer at Aliexpress is a major manufacturer of computer hardware and electronics with a forty-year history. In the CIS countries, the brand has long been leading and continues to lead the notebook segment.

The Acer trademark appeared in the distant 1976. Then, its founder (by the way, he is the developer of the first Taiwan calculator) financed in the future mastadon of the IT market only 25 thousand dollars, and the company office consisted of eleven people. In 1982, the company's developers developed the world's first 32-bit personal computer. After such a breakthrough to the success, the brand opens representative offices in Japan and Germany. Since 1994, Acer is considered one of the top 10 PC vendors in the world. In the early 2000s, the company carried out a large-scale restructuring.

As a result, the brand was divided into directly Acer and its subsidiaries Packard Bell, Gateway and eMachines. In addition to laptops and computers, the line of the brand includes projection equipment, consumer electronics and various peripherals. The goods are distinguished by democratic prices and good quality.

The main motto of the brand is that every person on the planet should be able to use modern technologies. That's why most of the brand's products belong to the segment of the public goods, without claiming prestige and exclusive design.

At the same time, for those wishing to excel, in the assortment of the company there is still a luxury goods - Acer Ferrari. Under the intriguing name lies a more high-quality and expensive technique. Acer's simple and fancy notebooks are widely available on the Aliexpress website. As a rule, the prices for the products of the Taiwanese brand here are much lower than in the hypermarkets of your city, so draw conclusions. Also on AliExpress you can find many accessories Acer. Believe me, Aliexpress will save not only time, but money.

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