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Brands on Aliexpress

On Aliexpress nameless millions of Chinese goods, as which many doubt. Recently it began to appear on Aliexpress famous brands well-known not only in Asia but also the world's brands, such as Philips. In this section we will inform you about new brands and with Aliexpress about products they are selling! We also tell you how to look at brands Aliexpress how to distinguish the brand from copy and a lot of other useful information.

Scarlett on AliExpress

Scarlett on Aliexpress - one of the flagships among manufacturers of small appliances. This brand has long established itself as a reliable and affordable manufacturer of equipment, becoming a true brand in the sea of ​​hundreds of such "noun" companies.


Sven on AliExpress

Sven on Aliexpress is a highly specialized brand aimed at the production of acoustic systems. Also, the brand deals with the so-called computer peripherals - keyboards, headphones, headset, uninterruptible power supplies and other electrical equipment.


Polaris on AliExpress

Polaris on Aliexpress is a rather experienced manufacturer of home appliances, which has been trading on the market for more than 18 years. During this time, the brand managed to gain popularity in the open spaces of Russia and the CIS due to its low cost and decent quality products.


HP on Aliexpress

The world-famous company Hewlett-Packard is considered one of the world's largest producers and suppliers of hardware and software. According to experts, in the field of information technology and cybernetics, the brand practically does not have equally powerful competitors.


Alcatel on Aliexpress

Alcatel on Aliexpress is a French brand of telecommunications equipment. The brand has become known to consumers mainly thanks to cellular phones, which in the 90s of last century Alcatel supplied almost the whole world.


Acer Aliexpress

Acer at Aliexpress is a major manufacturer of computer hardware and electronics with a forty-year history. In the CIS countries, the brand has long been leading and continues to lead the notebook segment.

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