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Wireless mouse from Aliexpress

Wireless mouse from Aliexpress Wireless mouse from Aliexpress

Today we have an overview of the cheapest wireless mouse (wireless) store-bought aliekspress. Advantages and disadvantages, reviews, video review. Impressions after use.

Why I decided to order a mouse with Ali? In WebMoney was 15%, as I get them I can not, I decided to buy cheap useful things from China. One such detail became wireless mouse for $ 2. In general, I pay, wait, I tell. I'll start with the bad This humble device wants two batteries, which is suggestive of his class energy efficiency. How often have to change the batteries? No mute button mouse! Though she herself turns off when idle, but from random movements will not save - the battery is discharged. Side-scrolling wheel is pressed with a superhuman strength!

No sliding surface in the form nakleechek at the bottom of the mouse. Without a mouse pad with Aliexpress very noisy. From good Buy the cheapest wireless mouse in the city we can be 15-40 USD, and the Chinese wireless mouse cost me 5 USD. Design and build decent, it sits comfortably in the hand, easy. The buttons are pressed well with a noticeable click. Conclusion Though more than minuses pluses seller still put rating of 5 stars. In fact, $ 2 is not expected to get something more. I doubt that wireless mouse from China will work.

The mouse is suitable for normal operation with a computer, but apparently not for games or graphic design. You can buy as a spare. If you want to really save and get a decent quality of Chinese consider a mouse model by $ 7. Mice from China than not worse shop. As on all this computer stuff is written, made in China. And the tradition of links to a couple of decent pizitsy wireless mice verified sellers

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